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What is Infrared Full Body Imaging?

Infrared Full Body Imaging is a totally safe and painless imaging procedure that uses no radiation, injections, or other invasive procedures. Using technology developed by NASA and the aerospace sciences, the process employs sophisticated infrared cameras and computer systems to detect infrared thermal (heat) abnormalities emanating from the surface of the body.

Infrared Full Body Imaging offers you
information that no other imaging test can!

Totally safe and painless – no radiation or intravenous access

Early detection

A possible tool in prevention


What does Infrared Full Body Imaging have to offer?
Infrared imaging may provide you with an early warning system. Unlike other forms of imaging that detect structural changes such as a tumor, infrared imaging looks at the body’s subtle chemical and nervous system signals. These neurochemical signals may be sent far in advance of significant damage to the body. Other tests may say whether or not a tumor is present, but infrared imaging offers a warning for many of the health problems that ruin our quality of life. With this information in hand, you and your health care provider can outline a method for treating a current problem or possibly preventing future problems before they cause irreversible damage.

What is included in Infrared Full Body Imaging and how much does it cost?
After completing a thorough health history form, you will taken to a special imaging room. After a brief time of acclimation to the temperature of the room, your body images will be taken. The doctor may also perform a brief physical examination if it is indicated. The whole procedure takes about 1 hour and the results are available in about 2 weeks. A complete written report is mailed directly to you with copies sent to your health care provider. The fee for the entire procedure is $395.00 ($495.00 for women if breast imaging is included).

Who benefits from Infrared Full Body Imaging?
Everyone! Especially the health conscious person who is looking for an important tool to add to their regular preventive health care. By notifying you of a current problem, or possibly providing an early warning, infrared imaging has the ability to help you with health problems that rob you from enjoying life.

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